Social Media – harmful to your job quest?

Social Media – harmful to your job quest?

Dan Scawbel, author and managing partner of Millennial Branding, is the expert on Gen -Yers in the workplace and has written a second book, Promote Yourself: the new rules for career success. In Andrew Keen’s Tech Crunch interview with Dan Scawbel, How Social Media won’t help you get a job, Dan says that social media won’t help you out as much as you think. “Employers are looking for soft skills over hard skills and definitely over social media skills.” Dan says that “employers are looking for people who have good interpersonal skills, can prioritize work, build relationships, resolve conflicts…things that you wouldn’t normally think would be important are so much more important now because it’s so much easier to find people with the right hard, technical skills.”

It’s a given that you’ve got the social media skills; employers value the people skills more.

Interactions through social media and smart phones can’t replace real live interactions with real people in real time. Studies keep coming out that say technology and social media overuse dulls soft skills and spoils interpersonal communication. I forgot my phone, a short film by Charlene deGuzman captures this notion perfectly.
Take away: if you want to get a job, keep it and move up, then take a break from Facebook, Twitter and your smart phone for a moment and focus on developing your soft skills. Find a course or a workshop on communication or leadership, read a book on the topic, intern or volunteer somewhere, or get yourself a mentor.