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IT Department, City of Woodward
Currently at the City we are on a T1 line that runs 1.5 Megabits shared between about 150 users. Sometimes when I need to download something that is time sensitive and a large file size I will head over to the library to utilize the connection there. The last time I had to do this I was downloading Windows Blue (8.1) Developers Preview which was about 3GB in file size. It was going to take me 7 ½ hours to download this over the T1. I was able to download my file in about 17 minutes at the library. Another instance I had to update a user’s iPhone iOS version. It was about a 500 Megabyte download. It was going to take a few hours, I actually started the download over Wi-Fi while walking through the parking lot and it was done by the time I got into Connie’s office. If it’s a large file it is totally worth the effort to load up my laptop and drive over there.