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Get answers to frequently asked questions relating to OK Connect libraries and video conferencing equipment, uses, and services.

  1. What is OK Connect?
    OK Connect is a network of libraries, powered by high speed internet and wireless access, located across the state of Oklahoma. OK Connect libraries provide computer classes, video conferencing capabilities, and the tools you need to connect and succeed.
  2. What’s the videoconferencing equipment useful for?
    Interacting and collaborating with a person or groups of people who are in other locations for meetings, conferences, multimedia presentations, interviews, and distance learning. It’s the perfect tool for interacting face-to-face when you really aren’t.
  3. Are other types of video chats available through library computers?
    Yes. Laptops are equipped with cameras and Skype.
  4. Can I checkout a laptop or any other equipment and use it outside of the library?
    No. Laptops and videoconferencing equipment stay in the building and are meant for in-library use.
  5. How do I schedule a video call or videoconferencing event?
    Contact the library in your area.
  6. Is there a cost for using the videoconferencing?
    No, the service is free to library members.
  7. Will someone help me with the equipment?
    Yes, help is available. Library managers and staff are familiar with how the equipment works. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you’re presenting, why not come in ahead of time and practice?
  8. How many people or sites can join a video call?
    40 physical devices (not limited in number of people) can connect to a virtual meeting room (also called a bridge or MCU) at a time.
  9. Can I hook up my own laptop, iPad, or tablet to the videoconferencing equipment?
    Yes. Connecting your device requires a standard cable that is already available on site.
  10. Can the video call/video conferencing event be recorded?
    Yes. Pay attention to camera presets, lighting, and audio.
  11. Why would I want to use the videoconferencing system over Skype?
    Video calls through a OneNet virtual meeting room are more secure than Skype video calls. Skype works fine for one-on-one casual conversations. However, if you want to experience a more robust interaction with multiple sites and maintain higher resolution with fewer disruptions, you will want to opt for the system.